Bessey TW28HO - Table, bolt system for BSN, GRS20, BSG21 and BAS

MSRP: $22.21
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0.31 LBS
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

Welding Table Clamp Accessory for BS, 2400HD-10, MCL8, BSG21 and BAS, for 28 mm Matrix Tables

The TW28HO is just one of the many accessories available for use with 28 mm matrix tables. The purpose of this adapter is to allow you to use any BESSEY hold down clamps for machine tables you might have in your shop on your 28 mm matrix table. Just fasten it through the bolt hole of the clamp and your ready to go. You can use this adapter with any of the BAS series compact machine clamps, the BSG21-14, MCL8, 2400HD-10 and the rest of the BS series lever action hold downs. Other available accessories are toggle clamp adapters, variable risers and an adapter that allows you to use some of the STC series toggle clamps on your matrix table. BESSEY. Simply better.

  • Hold down clamp adapter
  • Use with BSN, 2400HD-10, MCL8, BSG21 & BAS series clamps
  • Designed for matrix tables with 28 mm holes
  • Fast setup times
  • Versatile, making changes to a set up is very easy
  • Heavy duty
  • Just one of many accessories to enhance your clamping capabilities
  • Welding table clamp attachment (TW28HO)

Accessory for BESSEY® work table clamp. It can be used on matrix welding tables by simply screwing it to the work table clamp.