Robert Sorby

Robert Sorby 6005 - Straight Gouge 1/2" (13mm)

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There are hundreds of carving tool sweeps and shapes to choose from in the world. Robert Sorby manufactures 24 of the most universally used and standard tools, 12 micro or palm-held tools and six larger sculpturing tools giving the carver access to the most required tools made with Sorby's renowned quality. When Robert Sorby reintroduced carving tools in 1993, we reappraised tool style and revised conventional thinking:

  • Selecting special Sheffield alloy steel unique to Robert Sorby
  • Creating perfect balance to counter new blade design
  • Employing stringent heat treatment to ensure the finest edge retention
  • Providing a polished, razor sharp factory finish


    • Always carve away from you with hand behind the cutting edge
    • Ensure wood is secured in clamp or vice
    • Wear sensible shoes in case a tool is dropped and never try to catch one if you do
    • Overall Length: 10"