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Whether you are a professional woodworker, an experienced carpenter or simply a DIY project adept, to undertake any woodworking projects, you need to have and to know how to use a wood planer. Unlike the jointer, a planer produces boards and pieces of equal thickness, but also makes their surface totally flat. You can also use a planer to create boards with parallel faces, to create doors, for example. An electric planer saves you a lot of hassle and energy; you don’t need to look for boards that are perfectly equal in thickness, but buy two similar ones, and plane them accordingly. You can also use it to reclaim old boards by simply flattening the surface. Take a look at our amazing electric planers inventory that includes DeWALT Portable Hand Planer Kit w/ Carbide Blade, Makita Planer with Interna-Lok Automated Head Clamp, Bosch Planer Kit, Makita 5" Concrete Planer and more!

If you have questions about our corded and electric planers, or if you can’t find the model that you have been looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email or come visit us in our tool shop, on Oxford Street, in London, Ontario. Buy your tools online, get fast shipping everywhere in Canada or get free in-store pickup at our store location!


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