MK Morse

MK Morse CTR608MC5 - Recip Saw Blade Carbide Tipped 6" X 1" 8TPI 5/Pack

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Your best bet for cutting thick metals (between 3/16 and ½”), this high-performance blade cuts faster and lasts longer than traditional bi-metal blades. While the upfront investment is a little higher, the pay-off comes quickly! Carbide remains sharper longer for more efficient cutting. Carbide-tipped blades cut faster without binding. CTR is engineered to cut straighter with less vibration. The Morse CARBIDE TIPPED reciprocating saw blade is best for abrasive material applications that still require the cutting action and chip clearing capacity of gullets for speed of cut.


  • Cast Iron
  • Threaded Rod
  • EMT Conduit
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel Plate
  • Ferrous Metal
  • Rubber
  • Steel Studs
  • Rebar
  • Black Iron Pipe
  • Angle Iron
  • Metal Alloys
  • wood composites (particle board)
  • nail free wood
  • plastics
  • non-ferrous metals
  • fibreglass


  • Durable, straighter cuts
  • Aggressive, fast cutting
  • Ground for clean, accurate cuts
  • Won’t tear thin materials
  • Resistant to heat
  • Fast cutting FEATURES
  • Available in 3/4" width by .050" thickness
  • Coarse, ground teeth
  • Carbide tooth tips
  • Narrow kerf

Select TPI based on minimum thickness to be cut: 3 TPI, minimum 1/2'. 6TPI, minimum 1/4". 8TPI minimum 3/16".