Bessey TW16AW19 - Table clamp accessory, woodworking 3/4" bench dog adaptor, 16mm

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16mm to 3/4 inch Bench Dog Adaptor, Fits All 16mm Matrix Table Clamps

The TW16AW19 is just one of the many accessories available for the BESSEY welding table clamps. This versatile adapter makes it possible to use any of the TW16 and TWV16 series clamps on any workbench with ¾ inch dog holes. There are similar adapters for woodworking benches with 20 mm, 1 inch & 30 mm bench dog holes. Other available accessories are V-blocks, variable risers and an adapter that allows you to use some of the STC series toggle clamps on your matrix table. BESSEY. Simply better.

  • Fits 3/4 inch bench dog holes
  • Versatile, making changes to a set up is very easy
  • Fast application of clamping force
  • Engineered for demanding applications
  • Choose between fixed or variable throat depth versions
  • Three choices of handle, T-Bar, 2K or Lever
  • Used with the TW16AW19 adapter - clamps can be used on work benches with 3/4 inch dog holes
  • Just one of many accessories to enhance your clamping capabilities
  • Workbench adapter, 16 mm (TW16AW19)

Accessories for BESSEY TWV and TW clamping elements with 16 hole system. Suitable for all common workbenches with a 3/4 inch hole system. Can be used without tools. The stud pin can be changed to use other hole systems.