Wera 05028034001 - 367 Torx Plus 10 Ip X 80 Mm S/Driver For Torx Plus Screws

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367 TORX PLUS® Screwdriver for TORX PLUS® screws, 10 IP x 80 mm

High quality Kraftform Plus screwdriver by Wera. TORX PLUS profile: in comparison to "normal" TORX® profiles, the enlargement of the 6 torque-transferring flanks between the tool and screw is implemented by using an elliptical and not circular profile design. This means that the power applied when fastening is spread across a larger surface area. Higher torque is transferred and the service life of the screw and tool is also enhanced. Multi-component Kraftform handle for rapid and convenient working. Kraftform Plus: hard gripping zones for high working speeds whereas soft zones ensure high torque transfer. The Wera Black Point tip offers a perfect fit and optimised corrosion protection. The hexagonal non-roll feature prevents any annoying rolling away at the workplace. Handle markings for simplified finding and sorting of the tools.

  • For Torx Plus socket screws
  • Multi-component Kraftform handle for fast and ergonomic screwdriving
  • Handle markings simplify finding and sorting of tools
  • Hexagonal anti-roll feature against rolling away
  • The Wera Black Point tip offers an exact fit and optimum corrosion protection