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Cordless Torque Angle Wrench

Mostly used by mechanics, and other automotive mechanical applications, the torque angle wrench is a precision tool that is used to measure the force applied to a fastener while tightening. Most cordless torque angle wrenches have a visual or audio indicator that signals you when you reach the torque force; this way, you know when to stop applying pressure. These features prevent overtightening or undertightening. This tool will eliminate the need for using a angle gauge or protractor together with the torque wrench. Finally, a cordless torque angle wrench allows you to work wherever you want without having electricity around. Take a look at our selection of cordless torque angle wrenches that includes Makita - 14.4V Torque Tracer Precise Torque Angle Wrench, Makita 14.4V Precise Torque Angle Wrench, Makita 14.4V Torque Angle Wrench and more!  

If you have questions about our cordless torque angle wrenches, or if you can’t find the model that you have been looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email or come visit us in our tool shop, on Oxford Street, in London, Ontario. Buy your tools online, get fast shipping everywhere in Canada or get free in-store pickup at our store location!

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