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Oscillating Multi-Tools

Oscillating Multi-Tools

Whether you are an experienced woodworker, a cabinet contractor, or love to make home improvement, the corded oscillating multi-tool, like its name says, can help through numerous tasks. It can plunge through plywood, quickly cut holes in drywall, shear off metal pipes, trims moldings and sands surfaces! Also, because of its small size and the location and offset shape of a typical blade, an oscillating multi-tool can do precise curved or straight cuts in very tight spots, such as in corners or flat against the floor. Oscillating tools come with many blades and accessories like wood-cutting and metal-cutting blades, triangular-shaped sanding pads that hold adhesive-backed sandpaper of varying grits, carbide and diamond-edged blades for cutting masonry, and more. Take a look at our corded oscillating multi-tools’ inventory that includes Bosch 40 pc. StarlockMax® Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit, Makita Oscillating Multi-tool, Fein MultiMaster Top Oscillating Tool Kit, DeWalt Oscillating Multi-Tool, and more!

If you need more information about our oscillating tools, and oscillating tool kits, or if you can’t find the model that you have been looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email or come visit us in our tool shop, on Oxford Street, in London, Ontario. Buy your tools online, get fast shipping everywhere in Canada or get free in-store pickup at our store location!

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