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Buying Guide – STHIL Outdoor Equipment

Buying Guide – STHIL Outdoor Equipment

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STHIL Outdoor Equipment: The perfect ally for outdoor work!

STHIL outdoor equipment is known worldwide for their durability, their efficiency and their performance. It is also the most sold brand in Canada for outdoor equipment and accessories. The STHIL brand has stood out for innovative technology and revolutionary ideas, since it was founded, 85 years ago. Our extensive selection of state-of-the-art products includes: chain saws, pressure washers, brushcutters, hedge trimmers, weed eaters, blowers, vacuums, powersweeps, soil cultivators, and much more. For more STHIL equipment and accessories, take a look at our STHIL Outdoor Equipment page!


STHIL Chainsaws

STHIL chainsaws have the reputation to be the best chainsaws in the world. These cordless chainsaws provide with a remarkable combination of weight, performance and weight. STHIL chainsaws are perfect for all property maintenance, cutting firewood, horticulture and sawing in enclosed areas. Whether you need to cut off that tree that gives too much shade or just trimming a few branches, STHIL chainsaws are the top-of-the-line assets to have at any time.

Stihl - Innovative new cordless chain saw - MSA 160 C-BQ
Stihl - Lithium-ion chain saw - MSA 200 C-BQ


STHIL Brushcutters

STHIL brushcutters are made to be easy to handle, be efficient and to help you clear your backyard prior to summer. Whether it is for clearing grass, undergrowth or small bushes, fuel-efficient STHIL brush cutter is more robust and stronger than a grass trimmers, and comes in a variety of engine sizes. The denser the vegetation you have to clear, the more powerful your brushcutter needs to bet. With proper accessories, you can utilize your STHIL brushcutter for trimming tall grass, clearing undergrowth and shrubs and trimming out smaller trees. Take a look at our latest selection of brushcutters!

Stihl - Fuel-efficient powerful brushcutter for tough jobs - FS 110 R
Stihl - All the power for professional tasks, yet lighweight and easy to use! - FS 70 R
Stihl - Fuel-efficient powerful brushcutter with bike handle - FS 110


STHIL Trimmers

STHIL trimmers can easily tame long grass and undergrowth. These machines can be fitted with the proper cutting tool for all types of jobs outside your home; from mowing small areas of grass to thinning overgrown thickets. Our selection also includes models with reduced-emission engine technology, that produces less exhaust gases, than conventional two-stroke engines, giving you fuel efficiency. We also have quiet engine models that are perfect for small outdoor businesses that have to work in noise-sensitive environment.

STHIL Electric Trimmers: They are the best choice for small to moderate jobs around the yard. Our electric trimmers’ models are ergonomic, which makes them easier to handle. They have an easy line refilling, adjustable loop handle and is quiet (under 60 decibels.)
Our recommendation: Stihl - Powerful, durable consumer trimmer, ideal for lawn edging - FS 38


STHIL Grass Trimmers: STHIL grass trimmers will quickly restore order, along the side of your home, or the walls, around or under the bushes. When equipped with the proper cutting tools, they can also be used for heavier jobs around the yard. Most of our grass-trimmers are fuel-efficient.
Our recommendations: Stihl Lightweight reliable consumer trimmer with Easy2Start™ - FS 40 C-
Stihl - Perfectly balanced light trimmer with Easy2Start™ - FS 50 C-E


STHIL Blowers

STHIL blowers will efficiently clear paths, flowerbeds and laws, while built-in mufflers noticeably decrease the engine noises. Designed to be easily handled, but also to provide you with efficiency and performance, STHIL blowers come in a variety of types and sizes. Take a look at the chart below to determine which STHIL blower best fits your needs.

Image Type Function Our recommendation
stihl-5.jpg Electric Handheld Blower (corded) Electric handheld blower units are best used in gardens and pavements. They can be converted into a vacuum unit with catcher bag for compressing large volumes of waste. Light and easy to handle. Corded blowers Stihl - Lightweight electric blower for homeowner use - BGE 61 Stihl - Electric handheld blower with dual speed motor for homeowner use - BGE 71
stihl-6.jpg Handheld Blower (fuel) High-performance handheld blowers can help you scatter wet layers of leaves and tackle clippings, small branches and grass. They are ergonomically designed, easy to operate and to start. Stihl - Blower for homeowners - BG 50
Stihl - Hand held blower with low emission engine and STIHL Easy2Start™ - BG 56 C-E
stihl-7.jpg Vacuum Shredders Vacuums shredders pick up great volumes of fallen leaves, cut grass and trimmings, and shred them simultaneously. They are reduced to less than 10% of the original volume. The organic material can be used directly for composting or mulching. Stihl - Powerful vacuum shredder with Easy2Start™ - SH 56 C-E
stihl-8.jpg Backpack Blower and Sprayer STHIL has three innovative models of Backpack blowers and sprayers with 2-stroke stratified charge engine, offering enhanced performance, with 20% reduction in fuel consumption and 70% less emissions. They also feature automatic starting position and automatic choke reset and anti-vibration system. Stihl - Professional backpack blower - BR 600
Stihl - Backpack blower - BR 350
stihl-9.jpg Lithium-ion handheld blowers These powerful portable cordless blowers are very easy to handle: you simply switch on the two stage axial blower to instantly benefit from blowing power. Air stream and blower intensity can be adjusted in infinite variables. Leaves, cuttings and wastes are cleaned silently from all surfaces in an instant. Stihl - Powerful portable cordless blower - BGA 85

STHIL Hedge Trimmers

STHIL hedge trimmers are made and built to for use in park and landscape maintenance. However, it can also be used for a variety of jobs around your house. Standing out by their durability and geared for continuous use, their technical refinements take the strain out of your work. With top-of-the-line blade symmetry, they are perfect for trimming woody or tough edges. Check out our different types of hedges trimmers so you can find the best fit for the job you need it for.

Image Type Function Our recommendation
stihl-10.jpg Hedge Trimmer Standard hedge trimmers are fuel-efficient and made for landscape and park maintenance. They can be used for a vast range of jobs and are specially built to endure a continuous use. With one-of-a-kind blade symmetry, they are perfect for trimming tough and woody edges. Stihl - Light introductory hedge trimmer for garden trimming - HS 45
stihl-11.jpg Long-reach hedge trimmer The long-reach hedge trimmers are used for all jobs that are out of reach of the standard hedge trimmers. With these models, you will be able to trim tall and extra-wide hedges without a ladder. Coming with 4-mix engine and adjustable cutter bars for comfort. Stihl - Hedge Trimmer 135° - HL - KM
stihl-12.jpg Lithium-ion hedge trimmer Lithium-ion hedge trimmers will do the work any hedge trimmer will do, but will be a lot more quieter that the standard model, perfect to work around noise-sensitive areas, like around homes, hospitals, clinics and day cares. Power from the lithium-ion battery packs is optimized to achieve great efficiency and performance. Stihl - Lithium-ion hedge trimmer - HSA 66
Stihl - Lithium-ion long-reach hedge trimmer - HLA 65

STHIL Pole Pruners

If you own trees or an orchard, STIHL pole pruners are the perfect assets to have at hand. Thanks to their high torque, even thick and high branches will not be able to resist them. Their features include Easy2Start technology, for effortless starting and top-of-the-line 4-MIX engine for extra performance. STHIL Pole Pruners are lightweight, powerful, extremely quiet for work sensitive areas and 0% emissions.

Stihl - Lithium-ion pole pruner - HTA 85
Stihl - Pole Pruner - HT - KM

Federated Tool is an authorized STHIL Tools distributor in Canada. All STHIL trimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, blowers and pole pruners can be purchased online. Have your STHIL outdoor equipment shipped everywhere in Canada and Ontario; free shipping in Ontario only.

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