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Buying Guide – Laguna Tools

Buying Guide – Laguna Tools

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Laguna Tools: Innovation and durability for woodworking

Created in Italy more than 30 years ago, Laguna Tools never ceased to evolve to make woodworking machinery and accessories that every woodworker, carpenter or professional cabinet manufacturer should possess. Their extensive selection gathers band saws, table saws, industrial panel saws, band saw blades, edgebanders, dust collectors, accessories and much more.

Working with only the most durable materials, Laguna Tools guarantees that every piece of equipment will not only help you work faster, but will provide you with better results.


Laguna Table Saws

Laguna table saws have become the centerpiece of many professional and home woodworking shops. They can perform a vast range of cuts, including cross cuts, to rip cuts, to dado cuts and much more. Take a look at the different table saws Laguna has to offer.


Laguna Band Saws

Like the table saws, Laguna band saws have become an essential piece for all woodworking workshops. Laguna band saws are the perfect tool to slice through thick stock and to cut curves. They can do ripping, cross cutting, bevelling, as well, as cutting aluminium, plastic and other materials. Here are the best Laguna Band Saws models available at Federated Tool:


Laguna Panel Saws

Becoming increasingly popular, Laguna panel saws are tools that features a panel where materials to be cut rests. Panel saws can cut vertically or horizontally – Laguna’s models cut horizontally. They are made to process and cut full panels of materials, most of the time, wood. Laguna Panels saws are much appreciated by cabinet manufacturers and sign makers to cut through wood, plywood, plastic and some metals. Laguna panel saws stand out by their efficiency, precision and durability. Take a look at our most popular models of Laguna panel saws:


Laguna Edgebanders

If you are looking for an efficient, durable woodworking machinery to improve your productivity and the quality of your work, Laguna edgebanders are the perfect asset to have. Mostly used by cabinet manufacturers and carpenters, anedgebanders will also increase the accuracy of your work by reducing the amount of lumber discarded, due to improper veneer installation.

Laguna edgebanders work efficiently and precisely on many types of straight-edged woodworking projects, like cabinet facings and shelving. Laguna edgebanders standards’ feature automatic end trim with dual blade end cutting units, edge trimming with dual high frequency motors, electronic temperature control with digital readout, and so on. Take a look at the latest arrivals of Laguna edgebanders:


Laguna Band Saw Blades

Even though Laguna specializes in high-tech woodworking and carpentry machinery, it also provides the carpenters, woodworkers and cabinet manufacturers with useful and durable saw blades.

With sturdy carbide-tipped teeth, Laguna saw blades are specially made for band saws and have proven to be not only very precise but also very efficient.


Federated Tool is an authorized Laguna Tools distributor in Canada. All Laguna band saw, table saws, panel saws, edgebanders, saw blades and accessories can be purchased online. Have your Laguna tools and accessories shipped everywhere in Canada and Ontario; free shipping in Ontario only.

If you wish to have more information regarding our selection of Laguna woodworking machinery, saw blades and accessories, contact us!

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