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Canadian owned & operated for over 50 years

Buying Guide – King Canada Tools

Buying Guide – King Canada Tools

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King Canada Tools: Versatility and performance for your workshop!

Started up as a small tool manufacturing company in 1910, King Canada Tools has now expanded to the Canadian and American markets. It offers a variety of tools for all levels: from the occasional craftsman to the professional cabinet manufacturer. King Canada Tools provides you with an extensive selection of sanders, metal lathes, vacuums, generators, band saws, bench grinders, fittings, accessories and much more.

The commitment at King Canada Tools is to continuously strive to introduce new, innovative and exclusive tools and products of each category at prices that defies all competition. Take a look at the vast range of power tools, corded tools and accessories King Canada Tools has to offer. Visit our King Canada page for more details.


King Canada Sanders

King Canada sanders are a must to have in any wood shop, whether you are a professional carpenter or the occasional woodworker. Sanders come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each one of them has a particular function, besides sanding. Take a look at King Canada sanders’ selection to make your choice.

Image Sander Type Function Benefits Our recommendations
king-2.jpg Drum Sander
  • Use interchangeable rolls of sandpaper;
  • Single-drum, open-end units take up little room;
  • Single-drum, closed-end units are more powerful;
  • Double-drum units cut work time by 50 %.
  • Work quickly and efficiently
  • Handle large jobs easily
  • Wide range of grits available
  • Handle both small and large boards
  • Ideal for maintaining square edges
King Canada - 26" x 12" Single Drum Sander - KC-26-1-D
King - 16” x 5" Single Drum Sander - KC-16-1-D
king-3.jpg OscillatingEdge / SpindleSander
  • Combine belt sanding and spindle  sanding into one unit
  • Convert back and forth with ease
  • Provide fast, precise sanding
  • Handle everything from sharpening knives to polishing applications
  • Work well with wood and metal
King - 6” X 108” Oscillating Edge & Spindle Sander - KC-6108-OSC
King - Oscillating Spindle Sander - KC-OVS-F2
king-4.jpg Belt Sander
  • Utilize a pulley-driven loop
  • Remove large amounts of wood quickly
  • Inline units weigh less and work well for small parts
  • Transverse units accommodate  heavy motors
  • Perfect for general-purpose work
  • Perfect for doors, tabletops and uneven areas
  • Best for large areas and rough sanding
  • Sand wood aggressively for quick  finish
  • Transverse units handle heavy jobs
King - 6” x 48” Belt & 9” Disc Sander - KC-760L King - 6" x 48" Belt & 12" Disc Sander - KC-788FX

King Canada Generators

Whether it is for providing electricity and energy on a remote location or jobsite, or even to provide heat and electricity during an outage at home, King Canada generators will never let you down. Coming in portable versions of 950W to the biggest industrial model at 10,000W, King Canada generators offers sturdiness, durability and performance at all times. Most of our models function with gasoline and, with proper care, will last for years to come. Take a look at our latest King Canada generators!

King - 8500W Gasoline Generator with Electric Start & Wheel Kit - KCG-8500GE
King - 950W Portable Generator - KCG-951G
King - 10000W Gasoline Generator with Electric Start & Wheel Kit - KCG-10000GE


King Canada metal cutting bandsaws

King Canada metal cutting bandsaws stands out by their utmost sturdiness and will get the job done in no time. They are designed for heavy-duty production. They can also handle a continuous workload with reliability and precision. King Canada metal cutting band saws go to 4” up to 18”. They come in portable versions or with integrated mobile bases, making them ideal for the workshop, the garage or a jobsite. Check out our selection of metal cutting bandsaws to find the one fit for the job.

King - 7” x 12” Dual Swivel Metal Cutting Bandsaw - KC-712DS
King - 5" x 6" Metal Cutting Bandsaw - KC-129C
King - 18" Metal Cutting Bandsaw - KC-450
King - 9" x 18" Metal Cutting Swivel Bandsaw (200V) - KC-918S-V


King Canada Bench Grinders

Whether you are starting as a metal worker or that you are now mastering the art of metalworking, a bench grinder is an integral part of your workshop. King Canada bench grinders are top-of-the-line metalworking machinery that is durable and precise. When using a bench grinder, you may attach a wheel that works for the job: a 36-grit can sharpen most gardening tools, 60-grit is best for chisels and place irons, and 80-grit or 100-grit wheels are better reserved for delicate jobs like shaping metal model parts.

King - 6" Bench Grinder - Slim Line Series - KC-690 King - 8" Bench Grinder - KC-890 King - 10" Bench Grinder - KC-1090


King Canada Vacuums

King Canada wet/dry vacuums are perfect for all tips of surface, whether it is on wood, cement, concrete or any other surface. They can clear away both wet and dry spills around the workshop or the house; while also clearing away heavier indoor and outdoor debris. King Canada vacuums come in many sizes and are efficient, durable and can easily be transported from a room to another. Check out our latest King Canada vacuums to find one fit for the job!

King - 5 Gallon Wet•Dry Vacuum - 8520LP King - 16 Gallon Wet•Dry Vacuum - 8560LST King - 10 Gallon Wet•Dry Vacuum - 8540LST


King Canada Metal Lathes

King Canada metal lathes are robust and heavy-duty metalworking machinery. They can be used to lathe and drill cylindrical, conical and other surface shapes, to cut threads, to mill ends, drill and bore openings, and much more. Generally, metal lathes are controlled either manually or with a NC or CNC systems or become a multi-purpose milling centres. They are a part of any metalworking workshop, but are also used in metal shaping industries. King Canada Metal Lathes offer the skill needed for any business that works with metal surfaces to excel.

King - 16” x 40” High precision “TOOLROOM” Metal Lathe with Taper Attachment - KC-1640ML/KM-055 King - 14” x 40” Gearhead Metal Lathe - KC-1440ML-6 King - 14” x 40” Gearhead Metal Lathe with Taper Attachment - KC-1440ML-6/KM-054


King Canada Accessories

Even though you have the metalworking tools you need, sometimes, you need a little help from accessories. King Canada Accessories are of utmost quality, made to fit you tool and to improve their use, making them more productive. Among King Canada accessories, you have an extensive selection of collet sets, spray gun kits, abrasives cleaners, fittings and much more!

King - Abrasive Cleaner - KW-043 King - All Season Generator Cover - K-100CVR King - Dividing Plates for Rotary Tables - KC-DPRT-6 King - Elbow - K-1017


Federated Tool is an authorized King Canada Tools distributor in Canada. All King Canada sanders, generators, metal cutting saws, bench grinders and accessories can be purchased online. Have your King Canada tools and metalworking machinery shipped everywhere in Canada and Ontario; free shipping in Ontario only.

If you wish to have more information regarding our selection of Freud router bits, saw blades and Forstner bits, contact us!

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