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Buying Guide – General International Tools

Buying Guide – General International Tools

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General International Tools: A guarantee of durability and performance

General International Tools is a Canadian company that specializes in the design, import, and wholesale distribution of high-quality metalworking and woodworking machinery. For over a decade, their mission always have been to provide customers with the highest quality, most reliable and most durable woodworking and metalworking equipment you can find the market.

If you are looking for woodworking that will improve your productivity, accuracy and health in a working environment, General International Tools will provide you with all the robustness and durability you need. Our selection of General International Tools includes dust collectors, drum sanders, drill presses, band saws and planers.


General International Dust Collectors


General International dust collectors are a must when you are working in a workshop, or woodworking business. A dust collection takes away all the saw dust of a table, jointer, planer, as it’s being produced. To maintain a healthy and dust-free environment, make sure you provide your workshop with an efficient and durable dust collector. General International Dust Collectors will keep dust particles out of your lungs. Our General International dust collectors are best suited for industrial use, but also for a serious home shop. Most of our dust collectors requires 220v power and can operate with 2-3 machines at a time. Check out our selection of the best General International Dust Collectors!


General International Band Saws


Whether you are working in your garage workshop, in a carpentry business or professional cabinet business, you need a General International band saw to help you achieve amazing project. A band saw is the perfect tool to cut curves and slicing through thick stock. Band saws can do ripping, cross cutting, bevelling, cutting aluminum, plastic, and other materials. General International band saws are among the most effective, durable and accurate band saws on the market. Check out our selection of the best models of General International band saws:


General International Power Feeders


Adding a General International Power Feeder to feed the stock for you, can make your shaper safer to operate, make you feel safer, and considerably improve the cuts it produces. The main function of a power feeder is to push the stock through at a consistent speed rate, and to hold the stock up tight against the fence and the bed of the tool – both of which make nice, deep and smooth profiles that a shaper is able of producing. A power feeder also prevents you to get your hands near the cutter. There are many advantages of having a General International power feeder: it keeps the wood in constant contact with the fence and table, it speeds up the production process, it gives you much more control over the material and provides safety.


General International Surface Planers


General International surface planers are another important tool that every wood craftsman would never find himself without. Having the proper wood planer is as essential as any other woodworking tool. Whether you are a talented wood craftsman or professional cabinet manufacturer, no one wants a jagged or rough edge to mar his handiwork. General International provides you with high-end wood planers to improve not only your productivity, but also the quality of your work. Take a look at the latest General International wood planers models:


General International Wood Lathes


General International wood lathes are machines used to form a piece of wood into a certain shape, whether it is vase, bowl, spindle or a variety of other useful and/or decorative wood item. They have a spindle and tailstock where the wood that you want to turn is attached. Wood lathes provide many advantages: it cuts down drastically on the time required to make carved wood, the forms you give it are virtually infinite and modern-conception wood lathes provides you with safety. Take a look at our selection of General International wood lathes:


General International Drill Presses


General International drills presses are the most versatile machines to get in your workshop. Whether you are a professional woodworker or a beginner, this is the one machine you will never regret to have purchased for your shop. A drill press may require more space than hand drills do, but it will help any woodworker achieve better accuracy with the holes they drill and will make drilling easier. Another advantage in having a General International drill press is that it will make you work more quickly. By automatically setting depths and angles, you don’t have to worry about working quite as carefully to avoid mistakes. Having a drill press around will increase your productivity and will make you work quicker and with more accuracy. Take a look at our exceptional selection of General International drill presses:


Federated Tool is an authorized General International distributor in Canada. All General International dust collectors, surface planers, drill presses and wood lathes can be purchased online. Have your General International tools shipped everywhere in Canada and Ontario; free shipping in Ontario only.

If you wish to have more information regarding our selection of General International woodworking machinery, contact us!

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