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Best 5 stationary woodworking tools to have - Federated Tool

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The day has arrived. You have space to start your woodworking workshop. You have your circular saw, your corded drill, your jigsaw and all the necessary power tools to get started on your next woodworking project. What about the stationary power tools? Which ones should I get?

You have the opportunity to choose from an immense inventory of stationary woodworking tools available nowadays. These are the stationary woodworking tools that are essential to the proper functioning of your workshop. You can equip them with accessories, blades and drill bits to perform any type of woodworking without being caught off guard in the middle of a project.


The table saw is undeniably the MOST important stationary tool to have in any woodworking shop, whether it’s professional or amateur. A woodworking table saw is the heart of all shops and is extremely versatile. You can do rip cuts, crosscutting cuts, miter cuts, and a gazillion other types of cuts. The best type of table saw for you really depends of your needs and how much your checkbook allows you to invest.

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Like the table saw, the router table is, for any woodworker, extremely polyvalent. You can edge joint boards, create doors, cabinets, tables and profile edge. You can also remove the router and use it hand-held to work on your bench. Remember that a good router table will give you more than you want for your money.

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Whether you are working on the construction of cabinets, doors or furniture, you want each board to be of the same thickness, it is a necessity. Woodworking planers are used to clean rough sawn stock and get your boards at a precise thickness. Need thin stock for a smaller scale project? A planer is the go-to machine for that kind of work.

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Less common than the three others, the woodworking jointer is no less important for all your wood projects. A jointer makes the wood edges smooth, square and straight. It creates a reference edge that you need to have for additional steps like crosscutting or ripping. Besides perfecting your stock’ edges, a jointer can also straighten faces (called face jointing). Then, your faces, like your edges will become nice, smooth, and flat.

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Last, but not least, the woodworking bandsaw is also a very versatile stationary tools. You can equip it with multiple accessories like a sled for crosscutting tiny pieces. You can also put on big bandsaw blades to cut fireplace logs into usable lumber for woodworking. In addition, a woodworking bandsaw is a great way to cut tenons.

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These 5 stationary tools will help you realize your project and perfectly complete your workshop. Should you need advice to choose the perfect stationary woodworking tool, or if you cannot find the model you need on our website, we invite you to contact us! Our team will be happy to advise you and help you find what you need!

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